Previously we discussed the importance of looking in the mirror and recognizing the changes that you need to make. It is pertinent that you go from WANTING to change your life to DECIDING to change your life. I’ve been reading a book entitled “You are a BADASS” and the author differentiated the two by stating that wanting to do something can be done sitting on the couch however DECIDING to do something requires you to do whatever it takes and jumping in all the way. I personally can admit that i have been in a place where I’ve been wanting a lot things from changing my lifestyle and self-development to bettering my relationship but i always thought of what i wanted to do and never took the action. I have finally come to a point where i am DECIDING to make the changes that i need to grow and i must say once i DECIDED to make the choice i found myself to be more at peace and i had a true feeling of empowerment.

This week i challenge you to stop WANTING changes and to actually DECIDE to follow through with the changes you need to make. Of course they all wont happen overnight however, in due time you can accomplish all of the changes you want in life. It’s just important to not only think of the steps but to pursue the steps in order to make it happen.

Have a great week! Be blessed!